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Should My Night Vision Monocular Go Behind or in Front of My Scope?

By VB Team / June 20, 2017

Before, specialty night vision products are only used by the military and law enforcement personnel for easier target resolution. These days, though, night vision monocular or other devices are also often used by outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists, especially for adventures which require clear night time vision. While different devices such as monoculars and binoculars are […]


How to Use a Monocular: A Handy Manual For Beginners

By VB Team / May 12, 2017

Before we start discussing about how to use a monocular, let’s check first what it is and what is basically the purpose of using a monocular. It is a low powered telescope and size wise it is a mini version of a binocular performing like a one eye spotting scope. Size wise it can be […]