Polaris Optics 8×42 Monocular Review

Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular



Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular: A Smart Optic Device

Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular is one of the best quality optic devices in its category. With a smart look, this handy gadget is a sure fit in your outdoor activity box. It is extremely easy to handle because it is outstandingly light weight. The monocular comes with one hand focus empowered by its Waterproof and Fog-proof protection for seemingly smart performance, regardless you love to explore nature, you love bird watching, or simply you are keen to enjoy everything near and far vision from you.

How it works?

Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular is extremely easy to use. No matter off you have eyeglass on or not, this monocular will offer you perfect vision support so that you can enjoy the minute view of your target. Once you have selected a target to watch, simply place the solo monocular on your eye and its adjustable eye cup will help you to adjust your vision and focus s easy like 1-2-3. With the easy maneuverity of the eye cap you can adjust your target’s twist up and down! This Polaris baby is the best tool for you if you love bird watching, or if you are a nature lover, or an outdoor enthusiast.


  • Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular is a user friendly, smart and compact look optic device.
  • It is handy and easy to grip, which is perfectly suitable for carrying at outdoor.
  • The monocular is waterproof and fog-proof, which is the confirmation of its climactic endurance.
  • Available in mono color and virgin quality plastic it is a drop-proof, slip-proof, debris-proof quality monocular.
  • Sharp and crisp vision quality offers wonderful comfort for eye.
  • Adjustable eye cap that helps in up and down movement of vision.
  • In-built training manual will help its users to learn its detail operation.
  • Water and fog proof quality helps in rendering optimal performance of the tool despite climactic fluctuation.
  • The maneuverity of the go anywhere, portable gadget.
  • Light weight exterior is an added advantage of using the Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X 42 Compact Wide-Views Monocular.
  • The product comes with lifetime guarantee which is indeed a buyers’ protection.
  • The product comes with 30 days trial and 100 % money back guarantee on the ground of dissatisfaction.

Technical features:

  • Magnification: 8X – See objects 8X closer.
  • Objective lens diameter: 42mm.
  • Field of view: 388 ft/1000 yards.
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Eye Relief: 17.5mm, Close Focusing Distance: 2m
  • Waterproof: Yes. Dimensions (in): 2.09(L)x2.95(W)x5.31(H).
  • Weight: 11.6 oz.


  • Light weight and extremely handy.
  • Smart look and drop-proof, slip-proof, debris-proof.
  • Water proof and fog-proof.
  • Adjustable eye cap.
  • One hand focus.
  • Tripod Compatible.
  • Refreshingly bright crisp images.
  • The box comes with maintenance kit including carrying case, lens cover, lens cleaning cloth, shoulder straps.


  • Fragile, has to be taken due care if gets drop down.
  • Lens can attract scratch unless taken due care.
  • Does not have the night vision facility.

To ensure that we didn’t missed out on some of the important features of the product, here is a short video you can refer to below:

You will also see how it nicely fits your hand and provide you with a good grip as you enjoy the focused view of the scenery.


Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular is a small but extremely useful optic device for outdoor enthusiasts for spotting the target. The monocular comes with debris proof, slip proof protective features and its water- proof and fog-proof quality assures of its powerful performance. The lens is covered by adjustable eye cap that helps in maneuvering the image spotting. The monocular comes with 30 days free trial and money back guarantee protection if there is any dissatisfaction regarding the product quality. The monocular is suitable for bird watching, hiking, wild life watching, etc.


Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular is comparable with two similar products. One of these two is Polaris Optics Tracker 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular with Advanced Optics and Single Hand Focus and the other one is Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Monocular, Black, and 10 x 42-mm. All three are empowered with water proof and fog-proof quality, adjustable eye cap, and almost similar technical specifications but the Polaris product is much cost efficient in terms of price and its 30 days money back guarantee protection.


Polaris Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular is a wonderful optic device for target spotting and an apt gear for outdoor aficionados. The optic device is handy, light in weight, and climate–proof for the best convenience of its use. The monocular comes with 30 days free trial and assurance of money-back guarantee if after purchase the buyer feels dissatisfied with the product’s performance. Its tripod compatibility is an added advantage, which is not available with similar other products available in market.

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