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By VB Team / June 14, 2017
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A nice way to appreciate the world and nature is through looking at the night skies and see its beauty. The scenery of the night sky is very relaxing and tantalizing.  It can also provide you with some knowledge in astronomy and the world around us. That is why many parents opt to look for a nice guide of stargazing for kids as they want to have their children engaging in such knowledgeable and highly beneficial activity.

Why would they want to know a guide? It is because kids are not that easy to convince. All they want is to play and get entertained through toys. They easily get bored doing learning activities that could improve their skills, creativity and imagination. What you need is a helpful guide and a few practical accessories or equipment such as binoculars or telescope and it will do the trick.

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How To Get Kids Interested In Stargazing

Stargazing is quite a simple term to understand, all you need to do is break the word down into two. It is an act of observing or gazing at the stars.

Developing stargazing as a hobby takes a lot of patience and effort. That is why it is not as popular amongst kids compared to other hobbies like playing on a swing set or racing other toddlers on tricycles.

You cannot just get up from your bed and go out for stargazing. It should be done with good planning and research, in the right place, and with the right tools. Our generation of kids spends most of their time on social networking sites on the internet which makes it difficult for them to gain interests on subjects like astronomy. However, it is not impossible to do so. Here are few ways in which you can help your kid develop an interest in stargazing:

Start with a book

Before handing a telescope or a binocular to kids, get them started with books. A good introductory astronomy book will help kids develop an interest in stargazing. Astronomy books provide a great deal of information about stars and planets and will tell you how to identify them. A book is the best way to start off because it has all the basic knowledge you need to know about types of stars and planets in the universe.

There are some amazing astronomy books out there in the market with attractive pictures which will draw attention to the kids or you can take your kids to the library and let them pick the books of their own likings.

Let them do their own research

Kids of our generation are undoubtedly smarter now when it comes to access to the internet. Once you get them astronomy books to get started, you can make further quench their curiosity by helping them look up websites dedicated to stargazing. There are an innumerable amount of quizzes on astronomy which kids can take. The fascinating pictures that are available on the internet will intrigue kids, building an interest towards the subject. Let your kids do the research and collect facts from the articles.

However, you have to be very careful with the information that is handed to them as some of them can be very misleading.

Take them out for camping

Kids love to camp. The idea of roasting marshmallows under the beautiful night sky just seems so magical to them. You can take your kids out for camping with their astronomy guidebooks. You need to find the right place which is suitable for stargazing. A hilly unpolluted area, with an open view of the sky, is always good for stargazing. You do not need to buy kids a telescope yet. Watching and identifying the stars and planets in real life take the kid’s interest to another level.

A camping trip should be made at least once every month as you can see the constellations shift throughout the year. There are certain things that kids cannot learn in the books. Hence, physical representation is important. Kids can learn to differentiate between stars and planets and learn more about constellations.

Get them to join a club

When kids see their fellow mates taking interest in something, they tend to get attracted to it. Joining a club will not only enable kids to learn from their peers, it will be much more interesting and fun for them.

If they find a club or even a fellow friend to discuss astronomy with, it will get them more attracted to stargazing. Clubs also takes the group out for stargazing. Kids enjoy the company of their friends and love to discuss and learn from each other.

Teach them how to use a telescope

Once you are assured that your kids are interested in stargazing, go ahead and give them the access to a telescope. Start off with binoculars then slowly elevate to better models and then finally a telescope. A telescope should not be too heavy for the kid or else it will be difficult for them to use it. But it should also be powerful enough for stargazing. The telescope should be easily accessible for kids and should help them explore the sky. Kids have fascinating and enjoyable experiences with the telescope. It also helps them recognize the planets, stars and constellations better which will help your kid be an astrologer.

Though Stargazing is a great hobby for kids to take up it can be a bit sedentary, encouraging your kids to be active can be as easy as getting them a power wheel ride on car and replacements power wheels batteries to use.

Stargazing can be a very rewarding hobby if done in the right manner and with skilled guidance. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “ Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

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