The Best Telescopes under $200

What does the moon really look like? What about the colors on the surface of Jupiter, its moons, or even the rings of Saturn? To get firsthand answers for these questions, you need a good telescope. Lucky for you, you can buy excellent telescopes even if your budget is limited to just $200.

First Choice  Gskyer Telescope, AZ70400 German Technology Astronomy Telescope, Travel Refractor $ 4.4/5
Second Choice    Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope $$ 3.8/5
Third Choice    Solomark 70mm Apeture Telescope Travel Scope $ 3.1/5

Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope


This is among the most popular of all the telescopes for sale these days, and there are good reasons for that besides the fact that it’s affordable. It’s an entry-level telescope that beginners find easy to use, and it has great features despite the low price.

With these, the moon won’t be just a blob in the sky. You’ll be able to see the craters and landscapes in great detail. Jupiter’s equatorial strips will be very clear, and you’ll get to see the planet’s main satellites as well. The rings of Saturn will also be a sight to behold.


  • The image clarity and brightness is exceptional.
  • The setup is quick and easy and it doesn’t require tools.
  • You can track objects in the sky smoothly with the slow motion controls.
  • It comes with an astronomy program and you can also download the app from Celestron.


  • The collimation process for this will require a bit of patience.

When the collimation process is done and you take care not to bump the telescope, the images will be sharp virtually forever. Not bad for an affordable telescope!

Gskyer Telescope, AZ70400 German Technology Astronomy Telescope


If paying even $200 is a problem because you can only afford half that price, you don’t need to do without. In fact, you can get this if you tend to travel a lot and you like to bring along a telescope wherever you go. This comes with a convenient handbag that allows you to bring it along without difficulty.

This comes with lots of accessories, including the requisite tripod and the different eyepieces. The image quality and brightness have been enhanced with the use of premium components with special coatings. The magnification can reach up to 120x, so planets and the moon can be viewed with no trouble at all.


  • You can buy this, and with your savings you can start getting optional accessories to enhance your viewing experience. You can buy adapters so you can use it with your smartphone or a DSLR camera.
  • The setup is super easy, as the instructions are clear and detailed. You won’t need tools and you’ll only need 5 minutes or so to set this up.
  • The tripod that comes with it is very sturdy and full-sized. You can borrow it to use with your cameras and vidcams if you want.


  • Travel telescopes tend to have less magnification power than home use telescopes, so keep that in mind.

Additional information about the Gskyer 400mm Refractor Telescope can be seen in this short and quick video review:

This works great when you like to go hiking and camping where the skies aren’t polluted. Bring this with you and marvel at the beauty of the cosmos.

Solomark 70mm Apeture Telescope Travel Scope



This is another travel telescope, and it even comes with a backpack where you can store it for your travels. As long as you follow the direction on the setup manual, you’re going to like what you can see with this.

The optics are coated so that the image brightness is enhanced, while you still have your eyes protected. It also comes with a full-sized aluminum tripod so that you can have a stable platform. This is an entry-level telescope, and with this a beginner can start their journey towards appreciating astronomy.


  • You can use this to get great views of the moon’s craters while you can also use it to enjoy views of nature and wildlife when you go hiking.
  • This comes with an adapter so that you can use your smartphone with it and take pictures and videos.
  • It really is portable.


  • It’s for casual use only and meant for beginners, so Jupiter and Saturn may be out of its range.

Get this for your kids, and make sure you assemble it properly. You’ll then have a great telescope that can encourage an interest in astronomy in very young minds, though it can be great for nature pictures as well.


At least now you know that you can foster your interest in astronomy even without a huge budget at your disposal. Gaze at the wonders of the night sky with any of these telescopes, and the clarity of the image will be amazing. Not bad for a budget of less than $200!

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