Best Binoculars under $500

It is always something to be a boy-scout or girl-scout and keep things ready when doing outdoor activities. That is to prepare yourself with what the outdoor has en-stored for you. This is the reason why many activities require you to have magnification devices such as telescopes, cameras and binoculars to get a better grasp of the view. These things may seem a little bit expensive but there are actually some best binoculars under $500 that will make the cut of your budget.

First Choice Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 ED ATB Waterproof / Fogproof Binoculars $$$ 5/5
Second Choice    Leica 8×20 BCA Trinovid, Weather Resistant Roof Prism Binocular $$$ 5/5
Third Choice    Vortex Optics Viper HD 8×42 Roof Prism Binocular $$$ 4.7/5
Fourth Choice    Steiner 210 MM1050 Military-Marine 10×50 Tactical Binocular $$$ 4.6/5

The great thing about having a binocular is during some wonderful events and instances. It will provide you a better view of the scenery at great distance. A great example would be with bird watching or attending a concert. The chances of alarming birds on short distances are high. Closing in will make them fly away leaving you an empty handed view. That is why binoculars are highly recommended if you want wonderful scenery of birds flocking together. As for concerts, the ticket that seats you very close to the stage would cost you so much and seating on a far distance will provide you minimal view, requiring you the use of a binocular. These are only few of the applications wherein there are still plenty you can do with it.

Some of the Best Binoculars under $500

Steiner 210 MM1050 Military-Marine 10×50 Tactical Binocular



This is the Military Tactical Binocular from Steiner. As you can see, it could be availed at a fair and reasonable price but with military binocular standards. The magnification device features up to 8x magnification using a 30mm lens. Imagine how far it can reach maintaining a clear and crisp image of what you are looking at. The binocular is also rainproof, water-proof and fog-proof, technically all the resistance it needs for an outdoor activity. It also uses eye-relief caps to avoid any stress on your eyes.

Providing you with more details about this amazing binoculars from Steiner, here is a short video review:

The outdoor satisfaction and fulfillment this binocular will provide on your outdoor is guaranteed!

Leica 8×20 BCA Trinovid, Weather Resistant Roof Prism Binocular



Next is the amazing weather resistant binocular from Lecia. It one of the few High Powered binocular you can have for an affordable price. It has a field of view of about 6.6 degrees with magnification power of up to 8 times. The device also comes in handy and small, which means it is compact. Compared to some high powered binocular, this is highly convenient for outdoor activities as it comes light and space-saving. It features a close-focus of particular view with less or not more than 10 ft.

Vortex Optics Viper HD 8×42 Roof Prism Binocular



This is the 8×42 prism binocular from Vortex Optics. This binocular is only one of the many high powered and highly efficient that is considered to be the best binoculars under $500 from Vortex Optics. It features a binocular with low dispersion glass to provide amazing image fidelity and satisfying resolution. The glass gives you a clear and crisp image of the scenery. The binocular is also fully-proofed with all the necessary resistance to withstand an outdoor weather condition.

 Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 ED ATB Waterproof / Fogproof Binoculars



Lastly, one of the best binoculars under $500 you can have from Nikon. This is the Monarch 7, 10×42 Binocular. It is one of Nikon’s best-selling binocular products. It features a weather proof binocular that comes with a cam harness, smartphone adapter, cleaning kit and more, all for a great and reasonable price. The quality of image magnification this binocular provides is highly powerful. The device is also design to bring maximum comfort for its users.


There are other binoculars you can have if you opt to look for a cheap set. In addition, there are also other expensive, high powered binocular for a different budget range. Regardless of which type you look for, this short list offers one of the best binoculars under $500 which would probably be fair and reasonable for anyone.

The features and quality of each of these products are on the top of their charts. You are practically paying less than what the product has to offer which means you are actually saving some amount instead of buying expensive, high powered binoculars. The application of this outdoor magnification device is also versatile. You can use it on different outdoor occasions and activities and allowing you to enjoy the view to its maximum.

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