Best Compact Binoculars: 2018 Guide (WITH COMPARISON)

The great thing about compact binoculars is that it’s much easier to bring them along with you wherever you go. You can just stash them in your glove compartment or in your purse, and whip them out whenever you find something interesting that’s far away from you. That can be a bird in the distance, your kid playing football, a signer on stage at a concert, or an attractive beach body.

Here are your best options:

First Choice  Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular $ 4/5
Second Choice  Bushnell Powerview 8×21 Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular (Black) $ 4.1/5
Third Choice   USA Defender 16x32mm $ 3.5/5

USA Defender 16x32mm


This qualifies as compact, since it only measures 5.5 inches and it weighs in at just a little over 10 ounces. You still get 16x magnification, so you can really see a long way off.


  • The image clarity is surprisingly good at this price range.
  • It’s great for hikes and for general use whenever you want.
  • It’s easy to use, even for older folks.


  • You have to put it back inside your bag when it rains.

This is very good for general purpose sightseeing, as well as for shows when you’re in the nosebleed section.

Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular



Having trouble focusing with your binocs? This one takes a trick from smartphone cameras, and so it now focuses automatically. It’s only 3.125 inches long at the most, and it weighs just 4.4 ounces. Now this is one handy 6x18mm travel binoculars.


  • It’s really compact and lightweight.
  • It comes with a no-slip grip.
  • The autofocus really does work well.


  • It doesn’t really work well if you’re wearing glasses.

This is great for sporting events and concerts, and you’ll probably try to find more reasons to use it since it’s so easy to use.

Bushnell Powerview 8×21 Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular (Black)



With its 8x magnification you can see from farther away, while the 21mm objective lens lets in a lot more light for greater clarity. Yet this thing is compact because it folds. So you can bring it anywhere and you can enjoy the much better view.


  • The fully multicoated optics really offers high quality images.
  • The nonslip grip means you don’t drop this often.
  • Even if you do drop it, it’s protected by rubber armor.


  • It’s just not waterproof or fogproof.

Showing you off with this amazing binocular product from Bushnell, below is a video summary:

These are comparatively high powered binoculars that you can use for more than just sightseeing. These can work for camping as well, though you just need to get it out of the rain. The bright and sharp images can really help you enjoy bird watching and it helps with other types of wildlife too.


Not only are these binoculars compact and yet high quality, but the prices are also amazingly low. You can get any one of them for about $25, and that’s a low price to pay for the kind of quality you can get. Get any of these binoculars and stick them in your purse or glove compartment, and you’re ready for spectacular sights wherever you go.


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