The Best Refractor Telescopes: 2018 Guide (WITH COMPARISON)

There’s a long list of scientific explanations about how a refractor telescope works. The short, plain-English version is that basically it’s much easier to use, there’s not much maintenance, and it works great for stargazing at the moon and the closer planets. While some of these Best Refractor Telescopes 2018 can be expensive, there are alternatives with more reasonable prices, and we’ve found them for you among the 2018 models.

First Choice Gskyer EQ 80900 Telescope, German Technology Telescope,Starwatcher Refractors $$$ 4.7/5
Second Choice    Gskyer Telescope, 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope, German Technology Travel Scope $ 4.6/5
Third Choice   $ 4.8/5

Gskyer EQ 80900 Telescope



This uses German technology for its advanced features, and it’s a truism that German technology is to be trusted. This comes with different eyepieces so you can pick the level of the clarity you want, and you can get as much as 540x magnification. It comes with multilayer green film on the lens to protect your vision.


  • This comes with lots of accessories, including a nice tripod.
  • With this you can see Jupiter, including the color banding on the surface as well as a few of its moons.
  • It’s extremely stable and sturdy.


  • It may take a while for a young beginner to learn to use, though lots of kids can learn this much faster than their parents expect.

Giving you a brief guide on how to this amazing telescope from Gsyker works, here is a short video overview:

This is a great upgrade for your beginner astronomy telescope, and the price is quite reasonable.

Gskyer Telescope, 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope



If you want an entry-level refractor telescope or something that you can bring along in your travels, Gskyer also has the telescope for you. This model is much more affordable, yet you also get the 2 eyepieces as well as a table top tripod. It even comes with a travel bag.


  • With this, items from far away can feel as if they’re 105 times closer than they really are. You can check out the craters on the moon and even find the rings of Saturn.
  • You can assemble this on your travels with no trouble and you won’t need tools.
  • It folds up nicely and it’s lightweight too.


  • The tripod isn’t full-sized.

Buy your kids this telescope and help them assemble it, and chances are good you’re going to have an astronomy hobbyist afterwards with how well this telescope works.

Meade Instruments Infinity 50mm AZ Refractor Telescope



Now if you really can’t spare much for a telescope, you can get this one. Despite the extremely low price and entry-level status, it comes with 3 eyepieces, a tripod, and even an astronomy DVD with more than 10,000 objects.


  • The image clarity is amazingly clear at this price range, and it’ll be good enough for beginners.
  • You can also use this for daytime viewing for bird watching.
  • This lets you see the Jupiter cloud belts and the main moons, as well as the tings of Saturn.


  • There’s no travel bag.

Just set this up at home, and newbies to astronomy will finally understand why stargazing is so popular.


You can see that you can find the refracting telescope that can fit in any kind of budget. Buy one now, and enjoy sights of the heavenly bodies in the night skies.

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