Best Small Binoculars: The 2018 Guide (WITH COMPARISON)

The annoying thing about some binoculars is that they’re so bulky and heavy, so they’re not much fun to bring along. Sometimes the size even adds to the price, which makes for a double whammy. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of excellent small binoculars that offer excellent performance. They’ve been proven favorites since 2015, and since then their prices have also gone down.

First Choice  Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular $ 4/5
Second Choice    Nikon 8-24×25 Compact Zoom Binocular – Black $$ 4.1/5
Third Choice   USA Defenders Best Ranked Top 10 Compact Binoculars $ 3.5/5

Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular



This pair of 6×18 travel binoculars offers several outstanding features, not least is the ridiculously low price. Let’s start with the fact that like smartphone cameras, you don’t have to fiddle with the focus, because it does that automatically. It’s certainly small at 3.125 inches, while the weight is virtually nothing at just 4.4 ounces.


  • The quality of the image is certainly better than you’d expect, and it can even work in low light conditions.
  • It’s extremely easy to use since you just need to aim it.
  • You can just about bring it anywhere since it’s so portable.
  • The low price means you can afford this regardless of your budget.


  • With just 6x magnification, it’s not for really long distances.

This is the ideal small binoculars for those who want a pair to bring along everywhere, without having to spend a lot of money.

USA Defenders Best Ranked Top 10 Compact Binoculars



This is another extremely affordable pair of binoculars, and this time you get 16x magnification along with 32mm objective lens for bright images. It’s certainly compact at just 5.9 inches, with a weight of only 10.4 ounces.


  • The image clarity and magnification are superb.
  • It’s really very portable.
  • The price is so low you may think it’s a scam.


  • Bring it in when it’s raining, as it’s not waterproof.

Nikon 8-24×25 Compact Zoom Binocular – Black



What if you have some leeway when it comes to your budget? If that’s the case, get a renowned brand like Nikon and enjoy the stunning image quality to go with the compact design. This can zoom from 8x to 24x, while the 25mm objective lens can offer the brightness you need.


  • The zoom options, clarity, and brightness for a model of this size are nothing short of spectacular.
  • It’s compact and lightweight, so bring it along everywhere you go.
  • It’s a Nikon, so you can expect high quality and durability.


  • It’s not really waterproof, so protect your investment by taking cover when it rains.

To provide you with a better outlook about the Nikon Compact Binoculars, here is a short video summary:

With the powerful zoom options, you can use this for all kinds of situations, from concerts to bird watching. It’s small enough that it’s not going to be a bother.


Who says binoculars need to be bulky contraptions? Pick one among this list, and enjoy seeing from far away wherever you may go. Whether you’re at home bird watching, on a camping trip or any outdoor activities, this will do just fine.

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